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The “5am Paki” running group!  rain or shine, we’ve been starting our sunday morning long runs together at 5:00AM down at Kapiolani Park.   Great group which has grown since Bill and I started doing these together in the summer.  Thank you guys for the great company and support!  Good luck to Brandy at the Portland Marathon this coming Sunday!!

(from left to right): Frederick, Bill, Brian, Brandy, Kim, Richard, Lectie, me


done with the last hard workout in my chicago marathon training cycle: 9m – with 3 x 1,600m (1 mile) at punahou track.  ran each of the 3 intervals at: 5:08, 5:20, and 5:16 (average of 5:16/mile pace).  legs felt tired on that last one, but the new adios shoes i just started wearing yesterday (9/26) felt really good and gave me an extra little push which was warmly appreciated.  last week i did 6 of these intervals at around a 5:35/mile pace.  i clearly went out too fast/hard on the first interval, guess i was a little too pumped and anxious.  lungs were burning by the end of that first set, but it felt good to hurt a little.  while running hard i spent some time visualizing how i will feel during the marathon and felt in that sense this workout was super important.  i forget how important your mind is (and how it can be trained as well) in marathon racing.

now the name of the game is rest, rest, and a little more rest.  mileage is dropping dramatically and i need to stay confident about my training and the fitness i’ve achieved.


just stumbled across this post and found it extremely helpful for all of us out there looking to create a marathon pace band with our goal marathon time.  check it out…i’m going with the marathon guide version, because i like the bold treatment (every other mile) and i like that it lists the half marathon time (surprising that many do not).

i do have to note the “my marathon pace” band is amazing, and i used it for 2011 CIM it worked perfectly (and extremely accurately).  if they had one for chicago, even though the course is very flat i would’ve purchased it.



13m total – with 6 x 1,600m (1 mile) in between.  Ran each of the 6 intervals at an average page of around 5:35/per mile, which is the fastest I’ve done this workout.  During CIM training in Fall 2011, I did this workout at a pace of around 6:00/per mile.

I ran a 3-mile warm up from my home in Manoa to the UH track, where there were several other runners and athletes working out, which gave me a nice boost of adrenaline.  First interval came in around 5:40, the second one just under 5:40 and I was already starting to feel winded.  Light rain and strong winds were cutting through the track/field.  I concentrated on my breathing (since…that’s the main point/reward of this exercise – to improve your VO2 Max), stay focused mentally and kept at it.  By the end of the workout my legs were absolutely shot…had to trot very softly home and took a nice, long hot shower to “cool off”.

The beer and food definitely tasted great after a workout like this (not to mention a full day at work prior).  Getting through one of these workouts is a huge confidence booster.  Also nice to know that I’m improving year over year.
3 weeks out from Chicago – really looking forward to it! 22m this coming Sunday, then I’m officially in “taper mode”.

Finally getting back to the swing of things and started to really get excited for Chicago!  And, finished a 84 mile week (7/16-7/22) which I’m really happy about.  It included two MLRs, one LT run, and a 20 mile LR on Sunday…haven’t done those in a while.  Really great to be training with running/friends, Bill Turner, Paul Jordan, and Kim Burnett – definitely helps to run those LRs!!  Looking forward to the 15K race next Sunday…should be a good benchmark of where my fitness currently is.  Chicago goals?  Maybe:

1 (Reach Goal) – Sub 2:55:00

2 – PR, anything under 2:58:15

3 – Sub 3:00:00

I’m following the last 12 weeks of Pfitz’s 18/70+ training schedule (currently on Week 10).  Nice to be back in the marathon training mindset!!

Will check back in soon!


so things have been hectic at work/uma/shoko/etc.  and they’ve taken higher priority than getting my chicago marathon training started (was originally planning on starting the beginning of june).

so i made a pretty easy decision to postpone the training until 6 weeks later, transitioning to a 12 week training program (most probably will follow pfitz 12/80+ schedule).  in the meantime i have been running. generally nice and easy runs + general aerobic runs (around 7:15 – 7:45 per mile pace)…but no hard tempo/LT or speed work outs.  i’ve stayed in the 60 to 70 mpw range, which i’m very happy about. weight at the moment is at/around 160#, which is also good news for me.

the routine currently has been waking up earlier in the morning to get a 5-6 mile run in w/ uma before. during my lunch break i’ll get another 5 to 7 miles in, or i’ll race home and run uma again for another 5 mile run.  this past sunday i went out with bill turner (running friend here in honolulu) and got 18 in.

anyway, will check back in again soon.  another 5 miles at 6am tomorrow morning, and 20 miles on the books for sunday morning.

went out and finished my first 12+ mile run this year…felt great, was a little hot, but really like the promise of more runs like these in the future.  reminded me how much i miss marathon training. and watching all of the boston marathon finishers this morning, it really got me excited to get going on my chicago marathon training. it was so inspiring to see all of my running friends do well out there this weekend (including the north shore marathon finisher).

let’s get going!  i’ve decided to give sub-2:50 a shot…we’ll see if i survive through this one 🙂

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