Happy new year! It’s been like 5 years (feels like 20) and so much has happened (that will be for another post). But there’s no good excuse to stop writing – it’s something I love to do and somehow I lost course. I’m turning a page now, on Dec 31, 2016, and hope this doesn’t happen again.

Anyway, happy to report that I just recently signed up for my 9th marathon, the Napa Valley Marathon, in the beginning of March 2017. As mentioned, it’s been far too long and man oh man am I wayyyyy out of shape. This one is to see if I can actually still complete one of these things still!

I’ve pieced together a highly modified (i.e. significantly reduced the mileage) Higdon Intermediate-1 schedule and will see how this serves me. I’ll most certainly report my progress here.

Last note I’ll add – it’s damn nice to be back. Feels really great. I came to a revelation of sorts (for me) recently while listening to a Tim Ferris podcast about year end reviews and what not. He was describing how it’s really important to put two vacations on your calendar, one in June and one in Dec, at the beginning of the year because the anticipation of that vacation brings significantly more joy than the actual vacation experience. It reminded me of this blog, and how I use to schedule marathons meticulously in large part because of the excitement and anticipation I felt.