Another great year of running done.  The most high profile event of the year for me was the PR (2:52) at the Chicago Marathon.  But the marathon readiness series races was probably the highlight of the year – really had a really great time out there, and I’m particularly proud of finally coming in under 1:21 in the Half marathon.

I’m blessed not to have been sidelined by injury or anything else disallowing me from running.  Total mileage was pretty much identical to 2011 – only 3 marathons less than two years ago.  Biggest, and nicest surprise, has to be getting my long runs in with the Sunday morning crew…don’t know how I did it solo before, seems crazy and a really long time ago.

Goals for 2013?  First and foremost, stay healthy and keep running.  Would be nice to come in under 2:50 in the marathon.  And it would be pretty cool to finally run 3,000 miles for the year.  Definitely a lot going on non-running wise this year, so I’ll just need to prioritize accordingly while not neglecting my favorite past time.

Total miles: 2,844 (2011 = 2,851)

Total # of runs: 421

Number of marathon: 2 (Chicago and Honolulu; 8 in total)

Calories burned: 311k

Avg distance: 6.75m

Running highlights:

  1. Marathon PR (2:52:22 – 10+ min BQ)
  2. Half Marathon PR (1:20:40)
  3. 20k PR (1:16:47)
  4. 15k PR (00:57:04)