First post since Chicago so a bit of catching up to do.  Week 0 coming back from Chicago was very relaxed – took four complete rest days (I needed it!) and only ran a total of 20 miles.  I decided then that I would try to race Honolulu, so I put a quick 9-week schedule together, which would allow two additional recovery weeks, 4 solid weeks of training, and a 2 week taper.

Week 7 (from Honolulu) I double my miles up to 40m, which included  a 15 mile run on Saturday morning with my running friends (took one rest day as well).  Clearly the strategy for me here is to responsibly, and safely, build back up my mileage.  I think I’m always leaning on the conservative side when it comes to marathon training – particularly given the relatively high volume of running I’ve done the past 24 months.  The right achilles continues to nag and niggle as well, so I’m quite mindful of not flaring that up again and making it any worse.

Anyway, week 6 is again up to 55 mpw, including a Tuesday tempo (LT) run of 11 miles total with 3 @ 6:30/per mile pace.  Ouch – I remember this one being difficult.  I was suppose to do five of those 6:30s, but only managed three.  Topped off the week with my first long run since Chicago, 18 miles, with a nice pick up for the last six miles @ 6:45ish pace (thanks, Richard).

Week 5 (last week 10/29/12 – 11/4/12) I inch up the mileage to 61 mpw (included a rest day on Monday), a 9 mile tempo run with 5 @ 6:25 (yes, got redemption), and 19 mile long run on Sunday.  Everything else in the week is much slower (between 7:30 to 8:15/per mile pace) and I’m getting them in how ever which way I can (i.e. during my lunch breaks at work, early in the morning…some of those miles are with Uma, etc.).

Week 4 (this week) I’ve clocked 43 miles so far and have a 20 mile long run with the guys scheduled for early Sunday morning.  I did my first track workout yesterday – 6 x 800m – and it was tough.  There definitely difficult, but I think I need to stay diligent and respect the fact that these workouts really make me faster.

Game plan for Honolulu?  Currently the thought is I will go for a sub-3 hour time.  Ever since I started running marathons I’ve wanted to say I ran Honolulu in under three hours.   But I have to say my expectations are low, and I feel little to no pressure to really go after it.  Chicago was my goal race for the year.  And with Boston in four months or so, Honolulu does not take the highest of priorities.  I really like how it’s keeping me in shape – as opposed to falling off of the wagon – which is more typical of my behavior after a big marathon.  I just want to make sure that I stay healthy and hungry going into Boston marathon training.

Game plan for Boston I’ve decided will be a sub-2:50:00 attempt.  I’ll follow a modified Pfitz 12/80+ training schedule, and I’ll get at it in mid-January 2013.  I have to say I am really looking forward to this training cycle.  Not sure exactly how I feel about the race itself; obviously I’m excited, but I think some of the excitement and energy subsided after I qualified for Boston.  Think I’m still trying to understand and appreciate preparing, and ultimately running, Boston.

2013 is going to be a very busy year, but hopefully a productive and successful year!  Happy running, and will continue to check back in periodically.