chicago couldn’t come soon enough. this (tapering) is always difficult for me. i guess i just don’t like waiting. i think i’d prefer to be completely immobile or logging in high mileage rather than being told that everything i did and could do at this point is done…now i just need to not un-do that. very difficult (poor me, i know…cry me a river).

some progress: i think i’ve finally made up my mind on goal time (maybe) – weather permitted, of course:

A. Sub-2:52:00

B. Sub-2:55:00

C. PR (2:58:14)

the itinerary, carbo load schedule, and gear check list are coming along fine.  not gonna let myself get stressed out (yet) about all of the race day outfits i might need to pack depending on what weather we get.  really hoping for cool, even cold, weather. better than a hot one. if that happens, forget above goals — might hang them up early or run it as a training run and re-focus my efforts to the honolulu marathon.

looking forward to a fresh new pair of my running shoes (shoko bringing back for me from nyc this afternoon) — hopefully it’ll give me a little more pep in my step! and, man – i can’t wait for my massage next wednesday! fernando, sports massage therapist, works wonders…and it’s so relaxing.

i’ve been trying very hard to reduce the amount of food i’ve been consuming since my mileage is going down dramatically (around 50 mpw this week — compared to 70 to 80 mpw range previous several months).  always hard…i found particularly after the marathon is over it’s danger time.  i’ve cut out the morning and lunch snacks, so things are ok so far.  body definitely feels good and fresher than normal.

all in all, i’m trying to stay positive and excited about the upcoming race!  hopefully good things to report soon!