13m total – with 6 x 1,600m (1 mile) in between.  Ran each of the 6 intervals at an average page of around 5:35/per mile, which is the fastest I’ve done this workout.  During CIM training in Fall 2011, I did this workout at a pace of around 6:00/per mile.

I ran a 3-mile warm up from my home in Manoa to the UH track, where there were several other runners and athletes working out, which gave me a nice boost of adrenaline.  First interval came in around 5:40, the second one just under 5:40 and I was already starting to feel winded.  Light rain and strong winds were cutting through the track/field.  I concentrated on my breathing (since…that’s the main point/reward of this exercise – to improve your VO2 Max), stay focused mentally and kept at it.  By the end of the workout my legs were absolutely shot…had to trot very softly home and took a nice, long hot shower to “cool off”.

The beer and food definitely tasted great after a workout like this (not to mention a full day at work prior).  Getting through one of these workouts is a huge confidence booster.  Also nice to know that I’m improving year over year.
3 weeks out from Chicago – really looking forward to it! 22m this coming Sunday, then I’m officially in “taper mode”.