just came back from a great morning of racing the 2012 barber’s point 20k in kapolei.  2nd time i’ve race here and both times i’ve really enjoyed it because i’ve run well out there.  came in at 1:16:47 (2nd overall), which is a 6:10/mile average pace.  good confidence booster for me going into the last 4 weeks of training before the chicago marathon.  last 3 miles were a little tough, pace faded down to 6:17-ish and was hanging on until the end.

now considering possibly a sub-2:53 (or 2:52??) at chicago…i don’t know, i guess i’ll need to make a game time decision. of course weather is a huge x factor that i need to start following.  this training cycle for sure i’ve been much for laid back and easy about my training/race expectations.  i haven’t slacked off, but i’ve become more flexible…probably because i had to with my work, shoko and i moving in together, and uma.

a couple photos from the race can be found here:


up next: windhalf kailua half next sunday, 2 more weeks of tough training, then a 2 week taper down/  flying out to chicago on fri before the sunday race day…nice and quick trip.

check in later!!