great marathon race pace (MPR) workout yesterday (8/5) worth noting – 18 miles, with 12 miles @ mpr (6:39).  started out with the guys at 5am/kapiolani park, went out to the aloha gas station together for the first 6 miles, then went out on my own. i ended up finishing w/ an average pace of 6:33.  very encouraging workout, makes me feel somewhat confident going into the first marathon readiness series 15k race this coming sunday (8/12).  last year i had a really tough time with this 15k race (think i finished with an average pace of 6:26) and i remember one of my main problems was not getting sufficient enough of warm up before the race.  i plan on getting down there an hour in advance to warm up, stretch and use the restroom. would love to finish the race at/around 57:28 (6:10/mile avg pace) – we’ll see how it goes! definitely plan on tapering down a bit this week, particularly on friday and saturday to make sure the legs feel fresh.