Finally getting back to the swing of things and started to really get excited for Chicago!  And, finished a 84 mile week (7/16-7/22) which I’m really happy about.  It included two MLRs, one LT run, and a 20 mile LR on Sunday…haven’t done those in a while.  Really great to be training with running/friends, Bill Turner, Paul Jordan, and Kim Burnett – definitely helps to run those LRs!!  Looking forward to the 15K race next Sunday…should be a good benchmark of where my fitness currently is.  Chicago goals?  Maybe:

1 (Reach Goal) – Sub 2:55:00

2 – PR, anything under 2:58:15

3 – Sub 3:00:00

I’m following the last 12 weeks of Pfitz’s 18/70+ training schedule (currently on Week 10).  Nice to be back in the marathon training mindset!!

Will check back in soon!