so things have been hectic at work/uma/shoko/etc.  and they’ve taken higher priority than getting my chicago marathon training started (was originally planning on starting the beginning of june).

so i made a pretty easy decision to postpone the training until 6 weeks later, transitioning to a 12 week training program (most probably will follow pfitz 12/80+ schedule).  in the meantime i have been running. generally nice and easy runs + general aerobic runs (around 7:15 – 7:45 per mile pace)…but no hard tempo/LT or speed work outs.  i’ve stayed in the 60 to 70 mpw range, which i’m very happy about. weight at the moment is at/around 160#, which is also good news for me.

the routine currently has been waking up earlier in the morning to get a 5-6 mile run in w/ uma before. during my lunch break i’ll get another 5 to 7 miles in, or i’ll race home and run uma again for another 5 mile run.  this past sunday i went out with bill turner (running friend here in honolulu) and got 18 in.

anyway, will check back in again soon.  another 5 miles at 6am tomorrow morning, and 20 miles on the books for sunday morning.