so here’s my running plan until june when my 18-week marathon training starts…basically building the miles back up on my legs, slowly and safely.

w/o 3/26 = 42m

w/o 4/2 = 35m

w/o 4/9 = 56m

w/o 4/16 = 60m

w/o 4/23 = 61m

this week – w/o 4/30 = 70m

w/o 5/7 = 70-75m

w/o 5/14 = 70-75m

w/o 5/21 = 75-80m

w/o 5/28 =75-80m

hopefully this will get my fitness back up so that i can make the best of a strong 18-week marathon training cycle. still haven’t decided on which pfitz plan (75+ or 100) i will use, maybe something in between as well.

also hope i can knock my weight down to under 160# before june (hope to race chicago at/around 150#, so will need to continue to progressively lose some weight).

that’s the plan at least! (much easier said than done)

check back in later!