this coming monday (2/6) represents a huge milestone for uma –

1) she gets her fourth and last parvo shot from the doc.  this means she is now officially cleared to go outside for the first time!! woo hoo – it’s felt like forever for this day to finally come.  i am beyond excited to get her outside of the apartment, do some light running and playing.  heading over to the beach ASAP!

2) she will be 4 months old and with that now gets fed twice a day (rather than three times a day currently, which means a lot of back and forth from work, etc to get back and feed her for lunch).  of course the quantity of each of the 2 feedings will increase, but this is REALLY going to help with my daily schedule.  still need to figure out how i’m going to keep the apartment in one piece while i’m away but i’m sure i’ll figure it out.

here are a few recent photos of uma for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

birds eye put things in perspective, namely: The Muscles and The Ridge!

one of her favorite spots in the apartment - the crevice of the sofa sectional