always nice to get back out and start running on a semi consistent basis after a big goal marathon. i’ve put 2 runs together back to back and it feels great to get back out there. definitely reaffirmed my love for running, because i knew as soon as i got out there that i missed it.  not for the exercise…or for the training, but because it definitely allows me to escape in a way that is very peaceful.

yesterday’s run down around diamond head was probably only the 3rd or 4th run i’ve gone on since cim 3 sunday’s ago.  still can’t believe that race is long gone and finished – definitely still miss the adrenaline of preparing for it and ultimately running it.

nice sunny morning run today, got me to thinking about my 2012 goals and what i might want to strive for. for the marathon, i think i’m going to shoot for a sub-2:55, or if i’m really feeling up for it a sub-2:50, and i hoping to run that time in the chicago marathon next year.  i’m registered for the berlin marathon as well (both fall around same season), but i’ll need to postpone that race because of other family obligations.  chicago is definitely more manageable to get out to, and i hear aside from the weather it’s a super fast and great course.

i’d love to get my half marathon time down to sub-1:21, and i might go after this during the inaugural honolulu half marathon in mid-march.  might be a little too soon though – guess we’ll see.  i’ve been told that if i can run a 1:20:xx in the half, then a sub-2:50 full marathon time is definitely within reach.

what i definitely do miss already is being on a schedule and following a plan.  i’ve learned this process definitely suits me very well, so i plan on getting on some form of a schedule early in the new year.  until then, i plan on continuing to run 6 to 7 times a week, very slowly and to enjoy all of my time out there.

shoko and i are definitely planning on taking every opportunity we have to run together – something i miss and couldn’t do while training for cim.

and, right now, i’m just getting prepared to bring uma home with me on saturday morning, 12/24!!  very nervous but excited and can’t wait to spend some time with her!  more pictures to come for sure.

happy holidays – hope you are with your family and friends during this time. aloha!