what to do?

great co-workers

sub 2:55? sub 2:50?? another full? maybe push for a half?

guess this is the right time not to decide…but i feel ANXIOUS!

a good source on RWOL told me if i want to shoot for a sub-2:50, i would need to run a 1:20:XX-ish for the half.  might go after that and use the honolulu half marathon as my goal race (since i’m already registered).

also, not sure if i want to still run berlin marathon in sept 2012 or run the chicago marathon a little later in the year.  all really depends on what my travel plans will be with shoko next year.

so much up in the air, don’t like not having plans!!! ahh, help!!

happy holidays to everyone – hope you’re spending this time with family and friends.