…than my previous marathon (’11 foot traffic flat):

(my lil pep talk post :))

-pfitz – endurance (increase mileage).  probably single handedly revolutionized my fitness abilities and recent race results.  the increased volume, smarter pacing and frequency of my runs have been all of the difference.

-shoko (my girlfriend). thinks she’s allowed me to stay focused, relaxed, and HAPPY through my training, giving me the much needed balance between training, work and my private life.  far too often before, i would go on the deep end in one extreme or the other, and the rest of my life would start to unravel.

-shoes – got out of the nike lunar racers, which didn’t give me enough lateral + heel support, and got into the adidas adios’, which have been a perfect fit for my feet.  burned through 2 pairs, and hoping a fresh, 3rd set will bring me home…

-tune up races via marathon readiness series.  didn’t have these in prep for foot traffic and it’s really been a major confidence booster for me through this training cycle.  it’s kept me motivated, given me regular progress reports, and it’s gotten me involved/included in the running community here.

-runner’s world online – community, friends, support.  unlike before i feel like i have others – similar to me – that support the hard work of marathon training, and work together towards similar goals.  all of the advice and support allowed me to get through the tough pfitz 18/70+ program.

-fueling – i learn through experience.  tough way to learn at foot traffic (blowing up at mile 23), but i now know how to fuel myself through a long run, so i have a much better chance of finishing the race in one piece.

-diet – vastly improved (again, learning through experience), i’ve concentrated the majority of my cycle to nutritious, healthy foods that can help me recover from tough workouts + give me the required energy to get prepared for my next tough workout.  furthermore as a result, i am about 8 to 9 lbs lighter going into this marathon.