(in no particular order)

-my family and friends.  their health and our friendship.

-my continued health, which allows me to run regularly.

-living in hawaii (paradise).  i know it’s not the norm and i also know this may not last forever.

-my work/career.  staying passionate and intrigued with my profession.  and seeing growth opportunities that i can pursue with hard work.

-bringing a dog into my home/life.

-my girlfriend and her love, care, affection and understanding helps me get through even the toughest of days.

-even having a shot at a sub-3.  i see people who are handicapped, or injured…or otherwise unable to run (for instance my friend, hiro) and i close my eyes and give thanks for everything i am blessed to have.

-work/life balance.  vastly improved since my nyc days…life seems more manageable now.  and there is coexistence between my private life and work, something i’ve never experienced before.

-safely, competitively getting through 5 marathons.  and hoping that i can continue this streak for 2 more this year (cim and honolulu).

ok, i’m now off to the annual 10m turkey trot down at kapiolani park.  shed some calories then eat them right back!  happy thanksgiving, all!