sipping on my cup of coffee at 3:30am (hst) reflecting on the pfitz 18/70+ training program i’ve followed for the past 16 weeks…and how this routine – waking up at the butt crack of dawn, eating/drinking before my long, sunday run has become very common now…i’ve come to appreciate and really enjoy the art of training for a marathon. once it comes to a taper and actually running the race, i think i prefer it less.  what i really enjoy is the process of improving yourself (speaking fitness…for the time being :)), seeing that progress as you further in your training cycle, then applying it to your goals.  it’s addiciting.

i am using the mizuno half marathon readiness series race this morning down at kapiolani park as a marathon race pace run, where i will run 4 slow and easy warm up miles before the race, then run the race (13.1m) @ an average of 6:50 per mile pace. this should not be too difficult for me based on my current fitness (what i’m trying to achieve two sundays from now is putting two of these workouts together, back to back, then i get my sub-3!).

other reflections this morning – i’ve come a long ways in stabilizing my stomach so that i don’t have “to go” mid race.  it’s been a long journey, and i will post in detail about my method soon, but this has been a tremendous help in allowing me get through my key training work outs in one piece.