aloha from honolulu, hawaii – my name is yoichiro “yo” basso and i’m excited to be writing my first blog post.  i’ve started this blog primarily for self fulfilling reasons – to serve as my official running journal moving forward.  AND, i think i’m currently under the weather (and losing sanity = taper madness) and need an outlet to communicate.  in the past i just haven’t documented my experiences/love for running. and, increasingly this has been a source of great concern and anxiety, because i feel one day i’m going to wake up and just not remember ALL of it!  because it’s so much…and so special and important to me – my love for running. and my knowledge of running has grow dramatically and aggressively, and therefore i want to make sure i document the progress of my learning. and so i begin…

(fyi – if my thoughts can reach an audience in any engaging and impactful way – i would only be humbled and gracious for their time here.)

i love the marathon above any other race because it’s the hardest.  it pushes you and questions your will power and strength unlike any other distance.  i got into them 2 years ago to get back in shape (very common) and have been addicted ever since.

i am 2 and 1/2 weeks away from my 6th marathon – the california international marathon (cim) – in sacramento, ca (on 12/4/11) and am feeling very confident about my chances of running a sub-3 hour marathon.  i’ve followed a strong training program – pfitzinger (pfitz) 18 week, 70+ miles per week – which has been all the difference.  additionally, i started participating on the runner’s world blog forum (avatar name is “YDB”), which has been so insightful and rewarding to join the running community and meet runners with a similar passion/fitness level as me.

anyway, mileage is decreasing for me now, fast/speed workouts are on the books, then i fly out to sacramento on fri 12/2 to go after my goal.

i will be sure to check back in very shortly.  hopefully my next post will be my race report on how i conquered a sub-3 at cim!  happy running, all.